Yea-yah! A friend is moving to Australia and I’m inheriting her cold frame.

Last year – cloches, this year – cold frame … Gardening under Cover, William Head is proving itself again as a great resource for Pacfic Northwest under cover gardening. Easy to read and full of simple instructions and recipes for success.

Mesclun Mix, Salad Green seed have been started and join the basil sprouts in the southern window. The desk sits over a heater which helps it serve as a perfect starter bench. I’m adding more light this year in hopes of improving my odds with the ‘Red Rubin’ basil. Genovese is never a problem, but the purple basil is a little more challenging.

The hostas are just popping through the surface – so, I’ve moved the bamboo pyramid trellis to cover the ones outside of the main fenced garden. Hostas are slug and deer candy – they need protection even more so here on the Malahat where the deer trails can be clearly viewed from the house.