Under the full moon a light dusting of snow fell on the Malahat. I’m on Vancouver Island, right?

I’ve purchased the lumber, L brackets and screws. Now for the construction. The snow has slowed production. Not a problem … with a table full of seedlings flourishing under the florescent light in our south facing kitchen window, there is plenty to do indoors.

I’m hopeful that this year I will manage to be more successful with the basil – so, far it’s looking promising with the second and third set of leaves appearing. Broccoli, Tomato ‘Stupice’ and ‘Sweet Millions’, and the white delphinium seed from Christine Pollard are all doing well.

And then there is always a good book. I came across an interesting twist to the cold frame, warm propogating frame, cloche … a *Sun Box, referenced in Square Foot Gardening originally appeared in Avant Gardener, Vol 10, No. 11, March 15, 1978. 
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