One thought on “Natural Pest Deterrents

  1. YIKES!!!! I wrote an article for Fine Gardening Magazine a few years ago, but there are horrible typos in this re-do of my original. First, there is a caveat that you should NEVER spray plants on a hot, bright day. You’ll cook them. There is also a caveat that you should test out recipes on a small portion of the plant before using. Also, there are wrong measurements in this article. Where I call for 1/8 of a teaspoon of soap, they have written 18 teaspoons. Where I call for 1/2 teaspoon they ask for 12 teaspoons. There are more errors and I am horrified about it. I spent many, many years testing and re-testing my recipes. Write FG and let them know if you’ve had problems. Check out Trowel & Error from your local library for all of the correct information.
    Grow with your plants,
    Sharon Lovejoy (one upset gardener)

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