The weather is cool in Victoria, but the music these last few days has been hot.

Blues on Sunday at the Strathcona – yes, this country girl likes all kinds of music. And what a blast to perform “Kansas City” with Katie and a group of talented local blues players. Thrilled to hear some of the young blood too!

Then Lucinda … what can I say. I love the balcony at the Royal Theatre with a full view of everything going on on-stage. For three pieces, the band cooked – for more see Mike Devlin’s review.

Lucinda as always wears her heart on her sleeve and unapologetically gives voice to the emotions and challenges many of us share. I’m reminded of an early tune of hers “Am I too Blue” … she does take you on a rollercoaster ride.

Opening with “Can’t Let Go” (one of my favs) and finishing off a four song encore with “Gotta Get Right with God”.  Looking forward to listening to more of her new works on “Blessed”.

While she may be “too blue” for some – not for me.