Love it when old friends come to town and the decades slip away as you go in for the big hug!

Dan & Karen Clifford recently returned to live on the Island and last week, Ken Koshman was out for a visit from Lethbridge, AB. It meant a lot to hear from them and what a pleasure to get together with them, Rhonda Lou and Mike Nicholls for an impromptu jam replete with “ya, ya” moments. Ken kept saying it was “like christmas” and i have to agree.

It was Ken Koshman who got a country trio at Lonesome Charlie’s Saloon to let (the just 19 yr old and shy, shy, shy) me sing some recently learned Emmylou Harris songs. Those three continued to play key roles in the coming years, it was Norm Watson, Norm Winquist and Ralph Nieforth. Just in case I never thanked you, thank you Ken.

Rhonda Lou and Mike Nicholls recently released their CD ‘Little Crow’. Rhonda and I  first met in the mid to late 70s around the time of the ‘Blue Sky Band’, ‘Hands Up Band’ days, ahem – more years ago then we care to admit. I have long admired her work, so I’m pleased to add ‘Horse Crazy’ and ‘Little Crow’ to my collection of car companions. So wonderful to reconnect, it’s truly inspiring.