Norm Watson

I heard from a wee bird on the corner of Government and Superior that there is talk of including Norm Watson in the Royal City Music Project Hall of Fame. 

Have to find out more.

Waiting on the Sun

and waiting, and wAiting, and Waiting.

Not getting as much done in the garden as I had hoped. C’est la vie.

As I’m frequently heard to express "timing is everything".

Waitin on the Sun

Holding off on planting out anything more just yet. A few of the plants are showing some wear from this wacky weather, but they’re holding their own.

April Surprise

There doesn’t seem to have been much damage to the garden from the surprise snow storm. We got about 7 inches on Saturday – breaking records all over the island.

The delphinium, bleeding hearts and jacob’s ladder were the most impacted. They had put on a burst of growth in the warmth of the previous week. All the vegies which I started from seed seem to be doing okay. So far, so good.