The Garden wins

Sorry, the garden is winning my attention at the moment – both in reality and virtually at

But, stay tuned. I will be growing this site in the future.

Seedlings’ Saga

Well, the coldframe did it’s job for the seedlings. Thanks, Christina.

The Mesclun mix has been transplanted to its garden bed. The beet and snowpea seeds have germinated and are breaking through the surface. The coldframe now holds heritage tomatoes, sweet million’s and purple basil waiting their turn.

Soon, I’ll have my kitchen back as the seedlings make their way out the door to the garden. Oh, yes and no more potting soil to sweep up.

Playing with Photoshop

Wgcgh Still dithering with Photoshop (pun intended).  A garden unfurling ,,, I try.

Sooner or later, I’ll get a banner made.

Surprise Finds

I never know what I will find as I explore the property here on the Malahat. Today’s find…0704020003 0704020004

Any ideas on what kind of rhododendron this is?

I’ve struck some cuttings, so I should really try to find out.

More Snow

0703280002_2The latest addition to Gnome’s garden has been put to the test. Broccoli, mesclun mix and delphinium seedlings are safely coddled under the cold frame.