John MacNeil-Ole Sweet Dreams

John MacNeil

It was my pleasure to win a copy of John’s CD “Ole Sweet Dreams” at Orin Smith’s Memorial Jam. I’ve long admired John’s talents and this collection of songs with his daughter’s beautiful celtic tones is a treasure i’ll be enjoying for some time. Produced in Victoria at Oakstone, Dennis Ferbey.

1976 in Nanaimo backwoods cabin

1976 in Nanaimo

Me and my firstĀ guitar (I purchased), Yamaha G150-A series. Lost in an apartment fire several years later. I worked 19 days straight at a fish processing plant for that guitar. A late night nightmare.

The Gamblers at Metchosin Hall

Rjenkins43Ron Jenkins has a photo album that he has graciously agreed to let me share with you all. For those of us who grew up at the “Wee Ponderosa” it was always a good time to see the images of our cohort in their younger years as we sat with our guitars around the fireplace sharing old memories and making new ones.

Here is evidence that, yes, Grant McIntosh was once a skinny whip of a lad.